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Renovating? Temporary Storage Is the Solution

Renovating? Temporary Storage Is the Solution

Are you getting ready for a massive home renovation, but aren’t sure what you should do with all your furniture during the project?

Since extra space in Los Angeles homes can be tight, renting a temporary storage unit may be the perfect solution for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about how temporary storage can help during a renovation, and how to make the most of your unit.

Give Yourself Room

If there’s one thing all renovations have in common, it’s that they take up a lot of space.

While it’s standard practice to clear the furniture and decorations out of the room your working in, finding a place to put all those items can be tricky. That’s where temporary storage comes in.

With a temporary storage unit, you’ll have plenty of room to store all your belongings for the duration of your project. So, you will have plenty of free space to take on any renovation, no matter how big.

Keep Everything Clean

Renovations can get messy — it’s unavoidable.

From airborne dust and debris to paint spills, there’s no limit to the amount of stuff that can wind up ruining your furniture if you aren’t careful.

By housing your items offsite in a storage unit, you can keep them safe from all the mess, and any potential stains or damage that could come with it.

Boost Security

Some renovation projects can seriously compromise your home’s security. You can’t always avoid having to live with a gaping hole in your living room wall for a few days during a massive renovation. That said, you can keep your belongings secure by moving them to a storage unit.

On top of that, we would all like to imagine that we can always trust the contractors and crews we hire. But, unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee everyone who comes into our homes during a project has the best intentions.

Locking your stuff away in a secure storage unit during renovations will keep them safe until your project is complete.

How to Make the Most of Temporary Storage

Now that you know how a temporary storage unit can benefit your renovation, it’s time to talk about how to make the most of your temporary storage unit.

Here are a few tips to help make storing your items as easy as possible.

Organization Is Key

When storing items during a renovation, the organization is essential.

Try to keep furniture and decorations from the same room together while in storage. Doing this will make returning items to where they belong much easier.

If you’re storing any items in boxes, you should take the time to label everything.

You should also keep a running list of the items you put in storage so you can keep track of where all your belongings are.

Break Down What You Can

While an empty storage unit can look pretty spacious, they fill up fast — and you probably have more stuff to than you think. You can use a storage estimator [link:] to see what size storage would work for the things you need to store.

One fantastic way to get the most out of your storage unit is by breaking down large pieces into smaller and easier to manage bits.

Not only can you stack smaller pieces, which allows you to maximize your floor space, they’re also much easier to transport.

Using Temporary Storage During Renovations

Renovations can be stressful enough on their own. While knocking out a wall, the last thing you need is to worry about your furniture getting lost or damaged in the process.

Renting a temporary storage unit is a surefire way to keep all your belongings safe and give yourself a little peace of mind. No matter what your project winds up throwing your way. With six convenient locations, StorCal has storage units close to your home so you can have convenient access if you renovation goes on longer than planned.

Renting a Storage Space

Getting ready for your next major renovation and looking for a secure place to keep your furniture in Woodland Hills or Chatsworth? StorCal Self Storage has got you covered!

Check out our storage locations and available spaces to rent a storage unit today!

Storage Options for LA College Students

Quick Storage Options for LA College Students

Colleges in Los Angeles and the Woodland Hills area are deal with the impact of coronavirus on campuses. Some schools such as Pierce College, Cal State Northridge and Cal Lutheran have extended spring break for students. it’s time for students to head home for break. Many universities have closed campuses for students.  Many people have been left scrambling with what to do with the content of their dorm.

Getting short-term storage is one way to quickly get your possessions off of the campus, so students can return home. It saves the hassle of moving the contents of their living space or dorm room, and is much less costly than shipping excessive items across the state or the country. After all, they’ll have to bring everything back to school once classes resume in the Fall. StorCal Self Storage has three things to keep in mind for you and your college student when the situation to vacate campus arises.

3 Benefits to Getting College Storage for Students

Dorm Solutions for Break

Most universities require students to take their belongings when they leave the dorm. The option to move items in self-storage in the Van Nuys, Chatsworth, Thousand Oaks or Woodland Hills area could be your best option if your student has to travel a long distance back home.

Save Time and Money

College students take many breaks during the year and throughout their college career. All of the moving expenses involved in that process will add up over time. If you know they’re going to head back to school in a few months, self-storage near campus would be more a more cost-effective for storing their belongings near campus. This solution can not only saves money but precious time to rent a moving truck or overload the car every time they come home.

Don’t Clutter Your Home

Most students buy new sheets, bed linens and items to decorate their dorm. That means they are not taking their bedroom set up from home. Bringing all of their belongings home for the break can mean your house becomes a storage facility or could bring back contagions. Using a storage service near the university during the extended break means you won’t have the clutter in your home.

Get Student Storage for University Break

Without a big investment, you can get a small storage unit at StorCal in Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Thousand Oaks and Chatsworth. With convenient locations throughout the area, we have the easy solutions to allow you students to quickly empty their dorm room contents near campus . . . and keep it out of your garage. Our online payment make it even easier.

Our Storage facilities have a variety of sizes that are perfect for the contents of a dorm including 5×5 or 5×10 space. Reserve your self-storage unit today!

Learn More

Small Business Storage When You Are Downsizing After COVID

It is the unfortunate impact of shutdowns caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.  You might have had to trim staff and look for a smaller office. To make a smaller office space work, you might need to store office supplies, documents, archives, furnishings, and more.

Small business storage is a convenient option for startups and medium-sized companies alike. You’ll not only save money with less office space but also keep your office organized and storage boxes at your personal residence.

Are Small Business Storage Units Really Worth It?

According to Market Watch, the annual office rent prices vary between $4,194 and $14,800 per employee, depending on the location. If you live in a big city like Washington, D.C, you can expect to pay well over $10,000 to get enough office space for just one employee.

As a small business owner, your budget is limited. Would you prefer to spend money on office space you won’t use, or use those funds to keep needed associates?

Small business storage units cost next to nothing compared to office rent. Depending on how much space you need, you’ll pay a few dozen to a few hundred dollars per month. A small self-storage unit, for example, may cost as little as $50 per month. A full-service unit is slightly more expensive, but it’s still more affordable than renting a bigger office. The first step to renting a storage unit is to determine your space requirements. Check out our guide to find out more, and see the rental spaces available at Woodland Hills and Chatsworth storage facilities!

* Images are for representation purpose only. Locations and available units may differ from those shown. For specific location or unit information please contact us here.